Transform Your Business with the Email Impact Mastermind: Harness the Power of Email Automation to Drive Growth and Efficiency

Email Impact Mastermind is a unique mastermind for influential marketers and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact, both in business and in life.

Join today & get access to our 2024 Impact with Email VIP Bootcamp

When you join before January 1st you will receive exclusive access to this 3 hour VIP Bootcamp training where we will share how to build and make an impact in 2024 through email.

In this private, VIP Bootcamp you’ll learn:

  •  The 4 skills you MUST have in 2024 to make an impact through email marketing
  • ​3 shifts every marketer must make to ensure their emails continue to make it to their audience’s inbox
  • ​Why email marketing is not, and never will be, dead
  • ​How to set yourself up for wild success in 2024 without selling your soul to do so
  • ​The mindset you need to connect with your audience and make your emails bubble to the top of their inbox

In order to get access to the exclusive VIP Bootcamp you must join the Email Impact Mastermind by January 1, 2024.


Impact Focused

Skills and tactics are great, but if they won’t make an impact…on your bottom line, on your time freedom, and on your goals...they aren’t useful.

Experienced Mentors

Your Email Impact Mentors have built 6 and 7 figure email campaigns for businesses in industries across the board, and they will share their experience and knowledge with you.

Engagement Focused

Trainings are great, but if you aren’t regularly implementing what you learn, and evaluating the results against your goals, they are just another Money Pit.

Our Clients Have Been Seen On


Take a look at the strategies, systems and support you will get to supercharge your impact and your year!

EIM is a powerful mastermind program for driven marketers and entrepreneurs who want to make an impact, build a powerful business that will support them and their clients and do it all with strategy and intention. Here’s how it works…

Small Groups

We keep our groups small to ensure everyone gets to mastermind with their groups. Though a largely virtual mastermind, EIM is designed to get you moving forward quickly and smoothly. And we do this through small, intimate groups that allow everyone to ask for and offer support.

Virtual Weekly Meetings

It’s great to meet with your mastermind members monthly or bi-weekly, but we find true change and growth happen quickly. 14 days or 30 days is often to long to go between ideas. With our structured weekly meeting format you are supported in high action growth to make an impact.

Annual Live Meeting

We will meet in person in the Fall of 2024 in beautiful Lake Tahoe for 3 days to mastermind and immerse ourselves in all things email marketing. Imagine 2 full days of brainstorming and business building followed by a day of fun in one of the most beautiful places on Earth! (If you can’t attend in person, not to worry! You’ll be able to join us virtually as well!)

Expert Campaign Reviews

Our expert email marketers will review one of your email marketing campaigns each month! Send us your campaign, your copy, a Loom video explaining your goals and we’ll send you our video review of it, including any recommendations and actionable steps for improvement.

Weekly Training

Each week you will receive access to an exclusive training that will focus on a new and critical area of email marketing. By watching these trainings, and implementing what you learn you will be taking action every week toward building an Email Impact Machine.

Monthly challenges

Each month we will launch a challenge that will allow you to focus on a new area of email growth, compete for prizes, and network with your fellow masterminders who may not be in your pod. Learn from those who are where you want to be in a fun new way each month!

Daily marketing minute

We all need a little inspiration, and that is exactly what our Daily Marketing Minute provides. Every day you will receive from us a tactic you can employ, a quote to inspire you, a thought that is playing around in our minds or maybe just a note to say you’ve got this!

Swipe Copy Library

Copywriting not your thing? Not to worry. The System Chicks Impact Team has been building a library of copy you can swipe and deploy to suit your needs. Looking for an email swipe? We got it! Funnel copy? No problem! Campaign copy? We got you covered!

Campaign Library

Full of proven email campaigns you will instantly have access to our continually growing library of strategic, turnkey email campaigns you can build directly into your chosen CRM.

Funnel Library

Ready to access a powerful collection of email and sales funnels designed to drive revenue, close sales and book appts? Powered by the System Chicks Impact Team the Funnel Library is being added to each month, and you get access to all of it!



A high level course that will supercharge your persuasion power in all your writing. Whether you're writing an email designed to drive revenue or a connection focused web page

1:1 Coaching Session 

Join one of our expert email strategists for a high powered 30 minute coaching session where you can drive the agenda. (Within reason of course)  Whatever you need, if it's email system related, we've got you covered!

Email Marketing with AI

This special report on using AI in your email marketing will have you flying through your email systems creation with ease and excellence

Recession Proof Your Business with Systems

This masterclass shares with you the 5 systems you need to recession proof your business, how to prioritize them and how to make sure you're ready for whatever the world is ready to dish out

WordMagic for AI (Releasing Apr 15)

An updated version of WordMagic, WordMagic for AI takes everything taught in the Original WordMagic and uses it to improve your AI results, power up your productivity, and multiply your results

Bonus System Review Within Your First 30 Days

Your membership in the Email Impact Mastermind comes with a system review. We'll bonus you an additional one in your first month so you can get a fast start to revenue growth!

50% Off Implementation Services 

In month 2 you can secure a 50% discount on any implementation services you use to get your systems set up for success.

50% Off Data Services 

In month 3 we'll give you 50% our data services to get your measurement systems rockin' and rollin' so you can run through the year making data driven decisions rather than intuitive ones.

For Annual Purchasers ONLY:

2 hours of FREE 1-on-1 coaching in each Month 1, 2 and 3 
(Value $3,000)

When you purchase an annual membership and pay for the year in advance we will gift you 2 hours of free coaching each month during your first 3 months. We want to reward your faith in us by helping you get up and running as quickly as possible, and our coaching will empower to do that!


The quality of a mastermind rises and falls with the quality of the members. Because of this we want to be really up front with who this is a great fit for, and who it isn’t.

If you are:

  •  Impact Driven
  • ​Client Focused
  • ​Have been in business at least 6 months
  • ​Understand the basics of email marketing
  • ​Want to give as much as you get...or more

Then we would love to have you!

Groups are building now. We would love to have you in our 2024 Kickoff Class and help you launch into the upcoming year!

If you're ready to take action, to build your impact through responsible and powerful email marketing, and to build the business you, your clients and your family deserve click the link below to join today.

Once you join today your onboarding concierge will reach out and get you everything you need.

We can’t wait to kill it in 2024 with you!

Flexible Payment Plans to Fit Your Budget!

Billed annually, no set up fee.
    Billed monthly, no set up fee.
      Do I have to have certain technology to join or benefit?
      Nope! The Email Impact Mastermind is platform agnostic, meaning what you learn and discover you will be able to implement with any system! If you would like suggestions or direction, your mastermind members and your mentors can certainly help, but there are no specific requirements.
      When does the Email Impact Mastermind start?
      The EIM offers anytime start, meaning your onboarding concierge can get you started anytime you’d like. However, some of the bonuses are time bound.
      Can my team join me on the calls?
      Absolutely! We encourage it! We will allow up to 2 team members to be added to your account, free of charge. Having everyone on the same page will only shorten your time to execution and accelerate your growth!
      When is the live event?
      The date is to be determined, but will likely be in the Fall of 2024.
      What is the refund policy?
      Because EIM is billed month to month there are no refunds. If at any time you decide it is not for you, that’s cool. We’ll stop the next charge from happening and you’ll be free to take advantage of meetings and services through the end of your last payment period.
      Can I cancel anytime?
      Yep, you sure can! We don’t believe in locking people into contracts they may not love, and we don’t think that builds good will. We will work hard every single month to earn your business, and have an open door policy. If anything ever isn’t working, let us know. We’ll do our best to fix it. If we can’t fix it we will part ways friends.

      About the Masterminds Behind It All:

      Tracy Hoobyar

      Founder & Growth Queen

      From her early career in sales and marketing to her later years as a business owner and entrepreneur, Tracy is the heart behind System Chicks. Having held positions as COO, CMO and CEO she brings with her all the knowledge and experience of growing businesses through sustainable systems. As a personal and business growth coach Tracy has helped business leaders thrive through personal challenges, pandemic shut downs, and unexpected business upsets. Her no holds barred approach keeps business owners on their toes and drives them to take massive action.

      Amber Hoobyar

      Email & Revenue Jedi

      As a 7 figure email builder Amber has spent the better part of the last decade working in high level organizations facilitating growth and leadership. As a trainer and manager in a Fortune 500 company she developed strong sales teams operating within the confines of strict compliance rules. As an email funnel builder for a Forbes Fastest Growing Company she has successfully navigated federal compliance laws and accelerated growth to take her last company from $0 to $300K/mo in less than 12 months.
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